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Cooling Patches For Shoulder Pain Relief

cooling patches for shoulder pain relief

Menthol Pain Relieving Gel patch:
Patch provides targeted and deep pain relieving effect associated with neck and shoulders.
Natural Herbal Ingredients: All ingredients in pain patch are natural without any side effects.
Menthol, Holly oil, Camphor extract provide targeted cooling and reliving treatment to the affected area, promote blood flow & oxygen to reduce soreness for neck &shoulder.

Fast Acting & Long Lasting:
Take effects in 5 minutes, last up to 8 hours.
Methyl salicylate pain patch offers fast, continuous soothing for neck and shoulder pain.Desensitizes aggravated nerves, and provides instant cooling relief.
Immediate physical cooling relief, gentle skin-friendly, cool and comfort.
Methyl salicylate pain patches can also help all joint pain problems with: neck and shoulder ,cervical vertebrae,shoulder blade,rotator cuff,Tendinitis,Tendinosis pain.
Topical Remedies Pain, Arthritis Pain Relief products.

How to use:
Maximum strength available without a prescription.
Patch can be cut to any size to be applied to all body joint part.
Clean the relative body part before using, dry the skin.
Place the Patch on neck and shoulder or other places you want to relieving.
Use each Patch for as long as needed but use only once.
Works better after refrigerating, no frozen.



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