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8-Hour Relief Of Joint Pains For Knee, Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

joint pain relief

【Fast Acting & Long Lasting】
Take effects in 5 minutes, last up to 8 hours, Biours chinese herbal pain patch offers fast, continuous soothing for back pain.
Our natural joint pain patches can also help ease arthritis, joint stiffness, sports injuries, muscle soreness, strains and sprains.
【Up to 8Hours】
The relief patch has strong penetrating power and has a targeted relief cooling effect. It can relieve for up to 8 hours.
All ingredients joint pain patch are natural without any side effects, menthol and chinese herbal ingredients which provide targeted & deep penetrating cooling treatment to the affected area,
promote blood flow & oxygen to loosen muscles and reduce soreness. relieving patch has a unique Chinese herbal formula, and effective relief, suitable for knee pain, joint pain, strain and sprains, etc.
【Multiple Comfortable】
With rounded corners and flexible fabrics, pain patches for joint flexes with your movements without interfering with daily life.
The ergonomic design allows herbal pain patch to fit more closely to the spine and will not fall off easily, ensuring full relax in back muscles.
【Easy To Use】
Patches for joint pain: simply clean the affected skin with warm water, remove the protective film and stick the herbal patch on your affected area.
Use one during the day and one before bed for better effects.



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