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Face Patch For Lifting Sagging Skin Overnight

chubby cheeks

ROSAFARM Face V Line Patch

* Simply attachment before bedtime.
* The effect continues for 8 hours.
* Celluite decrease and swelling mitigation.
* Tested for skin safety.

It’s hydrogel patch makes chin line slim and tight.
It contains rosemary and coffee extrant and various essential oils, makes skin elastic, makes chin line smooth and tight,makes sagging cheeks strenghthen up.

Rosemary extract helps making sharp chin line and elasiticity of loose cheeks.
When you try it on chin line,you will feel the warm up of fat burning.An appropriate heating when absorbing on the skin.The effect continues for 8 hours. Effectiveness of active ingredient lasts for 8hours.

New concept of slim patch that you can make V line face while you sleep.It does not leave any stain on the face after taking off.

Recommended for those:
*Chubby cheeks/ fat face
*Sagging cheeks due to aging
*Swollen face in the morning
*Chin line care before dating
*Facial treatment in SPA or Home SPA.

Main effects of each ingredient:
1. Rosemary extract : Prevents obesity and removes celluite by reducing body fats.
2. Caffeine : Destroys celluite by softening fat cells of callage.
3. Juniper essential oil : Natural and patented substance with effects reducing weight and fat.
4. Grapefruit essential oil : Reduces celluite and inhibits the accumulation of fat cells.

How to use : Remove the film and attach to face.Simply attachment before bedtime. Stay it, remove after 6~8 hours.
Do not use oil before attachment, oil do make patch lost adhesive power.Suggest to use massage gel before attachment.



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