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Belly Slimming Patch Fat Burner Loss Weight

belly slimming patch fat burner loss weight

High definition body slimming paste
【Effectively slimming Patches】
The high definition body slimming pastes lose flabby belly fat.
Accelerate the rapid burning and consumption of existing fat.
The belly sticker can help you improve flabby belly.
Prevent the formation of fat and maintain a perfect belly shape.

【Herbal Belly Patch】
Herbal belly patches are made of natural and traditional herbal extracts such as natural wormwood, longan, Sichuan Peppercorns. Each of Herbs Is has been carefully selected, which is safe and non-irritating.

flabby belly after weight loss
flabby belly after pregnancy

【Easy to use】
use warm towel hot compress before stick , than stick the patches directly under the navel, keep that under-navel sticker work for 6-8 hours . Use before going to bed and take it out after getting up the next day. Get the best results.

【Breathable Belly Patches】
Made of high quality hydrogel and non-woven material complex ,with good breathability and adhesion. The stickers are skin friendly tested.



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