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Professional Beauty Delhi

Exhibition period: July 1-2, 2024
Exhibition Name: Professional Beauty Delhi
Exhibition location: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
Suitable category: cosmetic/ skincare/professional beauty care
Suitable for promoting products: Beauty: slimming face patch, wrinkle patch, eye patch, whitening and spot removal patch Professional beauty: laser care patch, eyelash patch

The only concentrated trade exhibition. This brings the largest brand of beauty, spa, skin, hair, and nail care. Distributors and educators from India are on the same platform as leading international brands from around the world.
We have brought over 65000 buyers and connections to over 900 brands. Making # PBI the most successful beauty trade show organizer in South Asia, participating in Professional Beauty exhibitors showcased the best product line. The list of products on display includes: body massage services, beauty medicine, basic body and hair oils, body and hair care products, aromatherapy and spa care, nail and pedicure products, hair removal and laser treatment, beauty services, holistic treatment, skin care and tanning treatment, tooth whitening treatment, professional uniforms, eyelash extension services, ear and body piercing aids, perfume and perfume, shampoo and conditioner, spa and sauna care.

Exhibition link: https://professionalbeauty.in/



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