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China International Beauty Expo Shanghai 2024

Exhibition period: June 19-21, 2024
Exhibition Name: China International Beauty Expo Shanghai 2024
Exhibition location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China
Suitable category: cosmetic/ skincare/professional beauty care
Suitable for promoting products: Beauty: slimming face patch, wrinkle patch, eye patch, whitening and spot removal patch Professional beauty: laser care patch, eyelash patch

The China International Beauty Expo brings together internationally renowned brands and major participants in the beauty industry. It is widely recognized as the ideal one-stop platform for industry traders. The World Expo is also known for its rich variety of special events, including demonstrations, forums, and seminars organized by experts and elites from leading industry associations, media, and businesses, covering various themes such as beauty, hairdressing, spa, and packaging. Therefore, exhibitions are not only the main display of beauty products, but also a barometer of China’s beauty trends.

Exhibition link: https://www.chinainternationalbeauty.com/



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