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Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN

Exhibition period: June 13-15, 2024
Exhibition Name: Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN
Exhibition location: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand
Suitable category: cosmetic/ skincare/professional beauty care
Suitable for promoting products: Beauty: slimming face patch, wrinkle patch, eye patch, whitening and spot removal patch Professional beauty: laser care patch, eyelash patch

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN represents the ASEAN destination of Cosmoprof Network, a rapidly growing beauty business in Southeast Asia. Cosmoprof Network is a 360 ° global platform for the international beauty industry, with exhibitions in Bologna, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Mumbai, and Miami, attracting over 500000 professionals and 10000 exhibitors from around the world

Exhibition link: https://www.cosmoprofcbeasean.com/



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