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Professional Beauty Hydrogel Patches And Healthcare Products


About Us

16 years of experience in this business.

Biours specializes in the research, development, production, and sales of products centered around cross-linked hydrogels, covering the fields of transdermal drugs, medical supplies, and cosmetics. We have obtained production licenses for medical devices and cosmetics, and established a production base. Additionally, our products have passed FDA registration in the United States and received quality certifications such as GMPC in the United States, ISO22716 and ISO13485 in the European Union, indicating excellent quality.

We actively participate in and preside over multiple government science and technology projects, successfully transforming numerous achievements, and possess numerous invention and utility model patents. Our product line is diverse and industry-leading, with advanced production lines capable of meeting the diverse needs of various businesses.

In terms of product research and development, we focus on investing in cross-linked hydrogel medical supplies, beauty skincare water-based masks, and plant essential oil patch care masks, creating multiple popular product series.

Tailored to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people, we propose the concepts of “one-step skincare” and overnight care, aiming to break the limitations of time and space and tailor formulas and products for various body parts. Our offerings include eye wrinkle patches, moisturizing repair masks, forehead wrinkle patches, nasolabial fold patches, neck wrinkle patches, breast beauty patches, navel patches, leisure patches, and fever-reducing patches, achieving precise care, simplicity, and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy beauty and health care anytime, anywhere.

We provide comprehensive OEM, ODM, and brand planning services. We look forward to your inquiry and creating a better future together.

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About us

Biours is an high standard certification manufacturer where we can bring your products from dream to reality.
Our quality and product teams have years of experience formulating, manufacturing, and delivering high quality, innovative products.

Choose sevice to meet your unique product and brand demands. From formulation, packaging designing, production, and delivery we have all your needs covered.

Flexible and diverse ways of cooperation
Wholesale/ Retail/ Oem /Obm/looking for distributors/ with costum logo/for online seller

Flexible order quantity for online shop sellers all over the world.
Amazon/ebay/Wish/Lazada/Shopee/Yandex.Market/ozon/tiktok/temu/Flipkart/aliexpress/DHgate/Trade Me/Rakuten/Yahoo!shopping/Coupang/Gmarket/Souq/La Redoute/MercadoLivre/ Jumia/Shopify/FOBGOODS

Competitive products and price for Market dealers/ distributors/dealer/ reseller/franchisers and seller
for walmart/target/Sears/Tesco/Otto and more

Best selling products in variety Brand shops
for Beauty salon/Beauty shops/Therapy clinic/Drug store/Pharmacy/Chain store/Outlets/

We provided trusted brands such as ICEgel, Magicool, Bioursure,ROSAFARM, Plant Extract, and many more.
Over the years, these brands have been made, packaged, and distributed in our website, online shops and drugstores.

External Pain Relief
ICEgel, Magicool are pain-controlling brands designed to relieve pain and soreness.
Brands patches aim to help people with discomfort-related problems We offer pain formula in different ways.

Cough and Cold
Bioursure brand gets effective relief from symptoms associated with coughs and colds.
Fever cooling gel patch/Cough relief patch/Nasal patch

Skin Care
Revitalize your skin with the innovative skin care technologies
The brands in this category offer solutions for nose blackhead,face lifting,whiting,anti-wrinkle , anti-aging and sensitive skin.

Eye Care
Cooling Eye patches provide effective solutions to soothe and comfort eyes for up to 8 hours.
Eyelash planting patches

Manufacturing Capabilities
To make sure that your products are of the highest quality, we maintain environmental control through the manufacturing process.
Class 100,000 clean workshops are physically separated with their own once-through HEPA – filtered air system.
Compounding and packaging areas are kept at higher pressure than hallways to prevent unfiltered air from entering the manufacturing and packaging areas.

Water used in manufacturing is purified by reverse osmosis, producing a level of purity that is fully validated to USP XXIII/CH.P.2020.

Materials are transferred from bulk containers to filling/Coating lines via 316 stainless steel pipes/containers.
The stainless steel transfer pipes/containers are thoroughly cleaned by a clean–in–place system that utilizes cleansing detergents, water and air.

World-class quality system certifications(GMPC of USA, ISO22716 and ISO13485 of EU )assure the highest quality standard for every product leaving our plant with your name on it.

BIOURS Biosciences Co.,Ltd , is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrogel gel patches, in charge of high-tech projects by GuangDong Government and specializes in medical and cosmetic gel products, polymeric materials and botanical extracts. We own a dustless workshop with 2000 square meters and product lines provided with advanced production facilities.Our company has obtained CE, CFDA, GMPC, ISO22716, ISO13485 certificates.With highly specialized team of product develops, BIOURS is able to supply a great number of different shapes of patches with different formulations. At BIOURS, we work closely with each client to fulfill their exact needs, to provide them with the most competitive and highest quality product. As consumers are increasingly familiar with hydrogel gel patches, BIOURS is able to provide solutions for a variety of applications.We have a flexible business approach that ensures customer choice. Matched with quality and reliability
Flexible and diverse ways of cooperation Wholesale/ Retail/ Oem /Obm/looking for distributors/ with costum logo/for online seller 

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