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Exhibition period: June 7-9, 2024
Exhibition Name: PHILBEAUTY EXPO 2024
Exhibition location: Manila SMX Convention and Exhibition Center
Suitable category: Beauty & Personal Care Perfumes & Cosmetics
Suitable for promoting products: Beauty: slimming face patch, wrinkle patch, eye patch, whitening and spot removal patch Professional beauty: laser care patch, eyelash patch

The Philippine Beauty Show, organized by the world-renowned exhibition company Informa, is held annually. Philbeauty is committed to helping and supporting businesses to promote the development of the beauty and personal care industry. It brings professionals and businesses together to expand and establish networks between beauty manufacturers and trading buyers.

Today, Philbeauty Show has been held for 7 years and is the leading B2B international trade show in the Philippines, dedicated to the beauty industry. It is a vibrant and business opportunity filled communication platform.

Philbeauty shows have become a part of many local beauty business environments and are seen as the perfect platform to meet professional trade buyers and distributors. During the three-day exhibition, various beauty products, services, and technological solutions will be showcased, and a series of seminars, knowledge workshops, and online exchange opportunities will be held to provide important insights into future scientific progress, emerging trends, and regulations, creating business opportunities.

Exhibition link: https://www.philbeautyshow.com/



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