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Exhibition period: June 4-6, 2024
Exhibition Name: HEALTH & FITNESS EXPO 2024
Exhibition location: Jakarta National Convention and Exhibition Center, Indonesia
Suitable category: Exhibition scope
Washing and cleaning products
Health care products
Maternal and infant care products
Disinfection and sterilization protective articles
Personal protective beauty and health appliances
Health products
Personal care products
Suitable for promoting products: Cold and hot pain relief patches, traditional Chinese medicine patches, children’s patches, essential oil patches, breast patches

About Personal CARE EXPO:
The total value of the personal care market is predicted to reach 607 billion yuan by 2028. As the personal care market becomes more diversified, new opportunities may emerge in more segmented categories, challenging the dominant position of established enterprises and enabling niche brands to rapidly develop. So, how can we find a path for business growth in the new year?

The 6th Shanghai International Personal Care Products Expo (PCE Yinghe Personal Care Exhibition) in 2024, with the mission of “co creating a new ecosystem of personal care”, continuously integrating global resources, and helping personal care enterprises achieve new growth, was held from August 7-9, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The PCE Yinghe Personal Care Exhibition · Guangzhou Station, held at the Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou from March 4 to 6, 2025, brings together manufacturers from the entire industry chain, showcases cutting-edge technology and new products in the field of personal care products, and provides one-stop procurement services.

In addition, to assist personal care product companies in expanding their international market, overseas exhibitions will be held from June 4-6, 2024 at the Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center in Indonesia, and from December 17-19, 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates. These exhibitions will help wash and care companies expand their global market and achieve dual circulation development in domestic and foreign markets!
Exhibition link: http://www.spcexpo.com/



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